Polar A300 Review

Polar A300 ReviewAs a basic fitness tracking device, the Polar A300 gets the job done really well. However, for something meant to be used 24/7, it’s pretty unattractive and bulky, so you’ll have to remove it for most work and formal environments. Plus, it has a pretty high price tag for something so basic. It’s generated towards those who exercise lightly to moderately, and not serious athletes. There are several others like the Polar A300 on the market, but the accuracy for this watch is pretty much unrivaled. Plus, you get the added addition of smart coaching and compatible accessories that heighten the experience using the Polar A300.


  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Smart coaching
  • Tracks swimming
  • Always-on display


  • No heart-rate monitor
  • Needs a computer to set-up
  • Chunky and unattractive design
  • No smart watch notifications


To begin setting up your device before you can use it, you have to plug it into the computer itself and fill out a little questionnaire form for their data records. This is how the watch gets to “know” you, per say, so it can offer the insightful smart coaching later on. It’s a little disappointing you can’t do this through your mobile device, but it’s just one time, and it doesn’t take long. It highlights another great thing about the Polar M300, though! It charges with a micro-USB cable, unlike other brands who use proprietary chargers.

Polar A300 FeaturedAll of the metrics gathered by the Polar A300 are solid, though it’s hard to really judge your workouts unless you’re using the heart-rate sensor that is sold separately. It’s recommended to use it to really get the full benefit of the Polar A300, but if you’re just wanting to track steps, calories, and sleep, you can probably get by without it and save that extra money.

It may seem like the Polar A300 isn’t worth it, but if you have the money and are already a fan of the Polar software, you’ll be really pleased with this model. Everyone loves the smart coaching features and Polar packs a powerful punch when it comes to tracking activity, even light workouts. It really is a great band, and worth the extra dollars if you’re interested in revolutionizing your activity levels and learning more about your body and what you’re capable of. The Polar A300 makes harnessing the power you have within you to be healthy, fit, and strong really easy and the insightful suggestions will help you see results even faster.


The features of the Polar A300

The smart coaching feature on the Polar Electro A300 is one of the main qualities to get excited about. It gives in-depth, insightful suggestions, tests, and features that can help you hone in your fitness levels and increase your activity. This comes in many different forms, from inactivity alerts and “marks” on your profile to fitness tests that help you discover where you land on an activity scale and what you should be doing to get active. Great programs that can be found successful on other models make the Polar A300 a great edition to fitness training with things like EnergyPointer, activity benefit reports, and running indexes to help you plan and record your progress. You’ll be running marathons in no time with the help from the Polar A300 and it’s training plans and insightful smart coaching.

Polar A300 Inactivity alertsAs mentioned before, the fitness test is included in the smart training portion of the device. It takes 5 minutes to complete and uses information such as your height and weight to help determine where you land on a fitness scale. This way, when you do these later on after a few weeks of training, you’ll see all of that improvement! Plus, it lets the app get to know your body better to make valid suggestions and estimate your times and goals easier. Keeping up with these tests every so often is a good way to make sure you’re always growing stronger and healthier.

All of the information that the Polar A300 records is sent to the app and desktop website where you get a little deeper in the information. Steps taken that day, calories burned, a timeline of how your activity levels have been, and other metrics are displayed in different menus and pages from the app. You can also get an analysis of your sleep, from the hours you spent sleeping and the percentage of how much of that time was spent peacefully and deeply.

The other features that you can find on the Polar A300 are just as nice and excellently executed as everything else. You can get silent, vibrating alerts that act as a reminder to get moving when you’ve sat still for too long, changeable bands to switch up the color and style of the appearance of your fitness tracker, distance traveled, and other little things that make using the watch a great, helpful experience.


Other options

For slightly higher prices, the Garmin Vivosmart HR offers everything that the Polar A300 does and has smart watch notifications, too. The Fitbit Charge HR does, too, and has an optical heart-rate monitor so you can ditch the chest strap.

If you’re wanting something even cheaper, sleeker, and with the same basic features, the Polar Loop 2 is a great product and stays within the amazing Polar brand. You’ll get a little bit of the smart coaching, the same activity tracking, and even the ability to pair up with the H7 heart-rate sensor by Polar for capturing readings.