Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit Alta ReviewThe Fitbit Alta is a chic, stylish alternative to the bulky, large fitness trackers in the market. It doesn’t come with all the handy features of the other Fitbit models and is ultimately just a sleeker look to the Fitbit Charge HR. The Fitbit Alta keeps the basics of fitness tracker watches with a screen, great band designs, and simplistic modes for tracking your activity, while It still gets the job done by tracking your steps and monitoring exercise patterns.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Several color choices and style options
  • Multiple clock face design choice
  • Several available interchangeable bands


  • No heart-rate monitor
  • No GPS
  • Doesn’t calculate flights climbed
  • Small screen
  • No automatic light-up screen
  • Not waterproof


For those who are relatively light on exercise but still concerned with their well-being, the larger, intense fitness tracker watches that are out there can seem daunting and a little ridiculous. If you just want to get a closer look at what your body does in a 24-hour time period and how all of that movement adds up in the long-run, going for a simpler design like the Fitbit Alta is a great choice. If it ends up working out well for you, you can always consider upgrading to something with additional features.

Fitbit Alta FeaturedTracking your wellness is an important part of changing habits and getting fit while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Things like how many calories you burn, the amount of sleep you’re getting, steps taken, and how much idle time fills your day are important stats to consider when revolutionizing your activity. Investing in a Fitbit Alta watch can provide all of these details directly to your smartphone, and this great design is hardly noticeable and comfortable to wear. You won’t have to trade out any of your clothing pieces when trying to match with this band, and even big designers like Vera Wang have hopped on the bandwagon and designed stunning accessories for the Fitbit Alta.

While it’s true that the Fitbit Alta isn’t quite as exceptional as the other models, you still get a lot for your money, and it does the job of general fitness tracking well. Plus, the Fitbit software has the largest social base, so you can get involved with your friends through the app easily no matter what watch you have!


The features of the Fitbit Alta

The main selling point of the Fitbit Alta is the newer design, including the several different bands that are purchasable by Fitbit and other name brands. There have been many complaints over the blocky styles and big screen displays of past models of Fitbit watches, and this is how they decided to remedy the common issue. The style of the Fitbit Alta is really nice, and after looking through their Lookbook of different looks, it’s easy to incorporate it as a trendy piece in your outfits. The best part is how slim the band is, especially compared to some of the other designs in the past.

Like most Fitbit models, the Fitbit Alta includes SmartTrack, which automatically recognizes when your activity picks up a pace. It will record your workouts without any help from you and send the data in separate reports directly to the app on your smartphone. Looking at the overview later from the app will show you each of these individual workouts, even as simple as a brief jog as you hurry around the block to catch the bus.

Fitbit AltaAll-Day Activity tracks everything you do within the day, from your sleeping patterns to when you wake up, all the way to how many calories are burned and the distance you went. This is a really great thing to use for your life, and you’ll be amazed at how much you actually do within a 24-hour time period. Plus, the app will create weekly and monthly reports for analysis, too, so you can see your progress and notice areas that need an additional push in the right direction.

One of the ways that the Fitbit Alta helps you to stay active is with little reminders and alerts that pop up on the screen when you’ve been idle for too long. These are really cute and catchy and are designed to motivate you to take at least a brisk walk. Little messages like “200 steps to go!” And “feed me movement!” Will appear on the screen, and when your goal of 250 steps an hour is completed, it will celebrate with you! Vibrations and fireworks animations will cheer you on the rest of the way to staying fit and healthy.

While the clock-face will brighten when you turn your wrist, you have to tap the screen to reach the other menus, such as statistics and notifications. This can be a bit touchy at times, and a bit of a pain if you’re busy working out or carrying things. Most other models have an always-on technology that works well, with lights that are always lit for easy viewing. However, since the screen will go into a rest mode, it conserves a lot of battery so you can see up to a week of battery life without having to charge your Fitbit Alta!


Other options

A popular alternative is the Fitbit Charge HR or the Fitbit Charge 2, which comes with a heart-rate tracker and more features. If you’re still wanting great style, the Fitbit Flex 2 comes with the same collections as the Fitbit Alta, though it doesn’t feature a screen. Fitbit has also released the Fitbit Alta HR, which features a heart-rate monitor and the same features as the original.