6 Best fitness trackers with heart rate monitor

6 Best fitness trackers with heart rate monitor top

Fitness trackers these days are doing great job in delivering us the information we want to know about our body and our exercises. From the steps counting and distance we are covering by foot every day, to more specific parameters such as calories burn and weight lose, we get a chance to measure our hard work in order to stay health and get in shape.

One of the tools that those fitness trackers are commonly used to track and detect our activity is our heart rate. Parameter such as heart rate help the fitness tracker get a deeper look into your activity and your overall health, and by that it can get you more accurate statistics about your exercises.

Note worthing is that as long as using a chest strap will be most certainly more accurate, having a built-in heart rate monitor in your fitness tracker is a much convenient way to track it all day long, without the need of carrying around extra accessories.


1. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit charge 2The Fitbit Charge 2 is a very standard fitness tracker, staying true to all of the things that people need in one, without adding in too many additional features to drive the cost up and make the sleek design bulky. With a larger, easier to read screen than it’s predecessors, this model is easier to use on the go, which is when a fitness tracker is at its most handy. It lacks some of the favorite features in other fitness trackers such as GPS and a waterproof design. However, it does give a few new extras to get excited about, and the low cost makes up for anything else that someone may lack. Overall, it’s a great basic fitness tracker for those who exercise casually and want to monitor their routines a little easier.

2. Polar M600

Polar m600 FeaturedPolar joins the masses with their Android Wear device, the Polar M600. It’s a smart watch, but so much more than just that. As a fitness tracker, the Polar M600 is amazing. When paired with Android devices, the doors are thrown open with possibility for users, and the smart coaching and smartwatch features take this fitness tracker further than most devices on the market can do. Polar has been making excellent athletic equipment for years now, and this is one of their crown jewels.

3. TomTom Spark 3

TomTom Spark 3 FeaturedThe TomTom Spark 3 is a strong model in the growing trend of fitness trackers, offering unique features and accurate data analysis to it’s users. With so many different options and tracking abilities, it can help you get a clear picture of your workout, and includes everything that a fitness tracker needs for an everyday athlete. However, the MySports app still needs work, and TomTom still hasn’t exactly perfected their design, causing a few frustrating usability issues. Plus, there are 4 different models for the Spark 3, which can be confusing at first. Overall, the fitness tracker does a great job, especially when compared with other competing kinds out there.

4. Withings Steel HR

Though beautiful, you get limited features at the cost of great style with the Withings Steel HR watch. The face is classic, the band is trendy, and everything has a fashionable look to it. Unfortunately, in order to achieve the sleek design, Withings had to say goodbye to some important aspects in most fitness trackers, such as the GPS. It’s not exactly a smartwatch, either, though it does include things like silent alarms and alerts for calls and texts. While solid and helpful, the limited features and bare-bones app may be factors that deter potential users.

5. Garmin Vivosmart HR

The Garmin Vivosmart HR joins the rest of the pack on the market by adding in an optical heart-rate monitor and excellent smartwatch features. Though the brand has never been known for stylish designs for their bands, the metrics and accuracy are always on-par, and this one is no different. Perfect for athletes from light to intense activity and really lacks nothing except for a built-in GPS. A solid running fitness tracker that can double up as being great for biking and swimming, and offers insightful features to help you get fit and stay healthy happier.

6. Samsung Gear Fit 2

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Featured

Accurate features that are key to an amazing fitness tracking smart watch have made the Samsung Gear Fit 2 a great product, designed to help improve and revolutionize your training and workouts with innovation advanced tracking abilities and things like a GPS and barometer. It’s superior to some of it’s competitors because of the full-features that tend to stay consistent more than other brands. The gorgeous style of the band and the AMOLED curved screen really help, too, creating a fashionable, helpful aide in your exercising.